Fedex Supply Chain API Integration

Need to integrate your shopping cart with Fedex Supply Chain?

Spark Shipping
Fedex Supply Chain

Fedex Supply Chain Integration Details

  • Integration Method: API
  • Setup fee: Free

About Fedex Supply Chain

  • Category: Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Spark Shipping automates the 3 parts of the orders lifecycle

Spark Shipping can automatically:

  • Synchronize Products Coming Soon (Be notified when it's released)
    • Create Fedex Supply Chain products in your shopping cart
    • Show Fedex Supply Chain products not currently in your shopping cart
    • Learn more about Full Product Data Upload
  • Update Inventory
    • Get inventory quantity updates from Fedex Supply Chain
    • Update the quantities in your shopping cart
  • Send Orders
    • Get new orders from your shopping cart
    • Send order fulfillment requests to Fedex Supply Chain
  • Update Tracking
    • Get tracking updates from Fedex Supply Chain
    • Send shipment data to your shopping cart
    • Your shopping cart will notify the buyer that their item has shipped

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